Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rainy days

Can you believe the beautiful morning rain? I believe it rains sometimes because our Creator is trying to tell us "IT'S TIME TO CLEAN YOUR HOUSE!"Actually I do welcome the rain because not only does it trick my children into thinking it's still night time but I actually do get more house work done. Isn't it funny how the least favorite of all your activties becomes the one thing you can't wait to do when someone offers to take your kids for the day? And by the look of my home,(which I just love), it looks like I don't get the "TAKE YOUR KIDS FOR A DAY OFFER" to often. It is what it is! So fine with me! Peace for your day! Relax alot clean alittle! Shelle


  1. Fun post dear friend and here here on the cleaning bit! The sign of a wasted life is a continually perfectly clean house, as people say! Thanks for stopping over with your beautiful sons, you sweet spirit, and your gifts! Blessings dear!

  2. Your blog looks great but, lonely dear. Thanks for coming over with angels everywhere today! Sometime soon we will look at computery stuff for you again here. It was such a joy to sit on the porch with you today! Blessings.